On The Plus Side

Popken Fashion Group combines the brands Ulla Popken, GINA LAURA, Studio Untold, and JP1880 all under one roof. A vertical business structure, grown steadily over many years, as well as the more and more differentiated multi-channel strategy have been the decisive factors for our expansion up to this point. Teamed with our skilled know-how about fashion and proper fits, innovative spirit, keen sense for trends, and customer accessibility, we have an ideal basis for future success.

Our Mission

Everyone has the right to feel fabulous, regardless of superficial beauty standards and traditional collar sizes. After all, true beauty and real style is ultimately a question of attitude. And fashion is just a means to express oneself to the outside world. We allow women and men to personify themselves the way they want. Uncompromising, trendy, and style-conscious.

Systematic Success

At Popken Fashion Group we leave nothing to chance. That is why you will find all relevant functions and specialists right on-site. From Design to Purchasing and Production over to Logistics to Marketing and Sales, all our experts work hand in hand. That is how we can guarantee that our products meet our customers' requirements and wishes, that all our products are available on all our channels at any time, and our customers’ expectations are met at every point of their purchase experience.

From Small Textile Company
to Fashion Group

In early 2012, Ulla Popken GmbH and GINA LAURA GmbH & Co. KG merged under the umbrella of Popken Fashion Group. Getting there has been strongly imprinted by demanding challenges, wonderful people, a strong family commitment, and great visions. Small overview of important milestones.


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